The largest telephone audio provider in Asia-Pacific

The 80s had it all: big hair, big style, and the launch of Asia-Pacific's largest audio marketing company, Messages On Hold! We've come a long way since 1988, and today our on hold messages are heard at over 10,000 sites, in over 25 languages, across 22 countries, so we bet you're one of the millions who've heard our work.

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About Kym Illman

The man behind the messages!

Kym Illman | Founder | Managing Director

Messages On Hold began as a one-man operation out of CEO and owner, Kym Illman's spare bedroom in 1988 and has since evolved to become a creative global marketing company.

Whilst running Messages On Hold, Kym also launched The Groove Gallery, online training platform Canity, tourism website, marketing endeavours MessageVision and VideoUpdateMe, plus countless viral videos, books, CDs and DVDs, and public speaking seminars!

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Why On Hold?

We’ve spent our fair share of time tearing out hair listening to bland music and awful recordings while waiting on hold. Now with our dedicated creative teams and passion for out-of-the-box phone audio that’ll snap callers awake, on hold messages will never be the same.