Every Business Needs Professional Scriptwriting 1

Every Business Needs
Professional Scriptwriting

We’ve all heard standard on hold messages: “Thanks for waiting. Your call is important to us.” But have you ever believed them? Have they ever grabbed your attention? Using the same standard on hold messages that every other business uses is pointless. They don’t work. They make your wait feel interminably long and they do nothing to inform you about the organisation you’re calling.

That’s why you need professional copywriters who are trained
specifically in writing for the ear and not the eye.

You can use the opportunity to answer frequently asked questions, promote new products or special offers, or even thank your customers for their valuable support during these difficult times.

Our highly trained copywriters know how to reinforce your important messages in different ways depending on your products, your callers, and your wait times. They know how to write using multiple voices, and which special effects will be most effective to enhance your message.

Every Business Needs Professional Scriptwriting 2

A great on hold script will make your caller feel important.
It will make them feel like they’ve rung the right organisation to help them.

Take a look at the examples below:

Can be packaged with:

"Great service, very prompt and helped us through every step of the way"

Clancy Simpson

"Very helpful and easy to deal with. My request was dealt with promptly and efficiently"

Danielle Symons

"Very professional service, provided our business with a high quality product"

Kim Jaya