We provide the ideas. We write the script. All you need to do is point us in the right direction.

The only way to fight shrinking attention spans and sell is with evocative, compelling writing. Our team of full-time writers work from our Perth and Singapore offices, crafting entertaining and informative productions. Supply us with a few bullet points and we’ll provide you with a killer script within 24 hours. Magic!

Why Choose Us?

Bad & good script example

Your customers Want to be moved and they will judge you on the efficency of your writing style if you dont do it it well that will be bad for business.
If you sound unprofessional, chances are potential clients will think you’re unprofessional. Our copywriters help you avoid these pitfalls with clear, compelling copy that enhances your brand.

Voice Over Artists

More Voices Than An Impressionist.

Our 60+ voice artists come from all over the world. Some are young, some are more mature. Some come from a background in radio and TV, others are drawn from theatre, comedy and the performing arts. The one thing each voice artist has in common is their ability to bring your business to life.

Your voice says a lot about you. Make sure the voice you use is the right one. We offer over 60 different voice artists from all over the world, with eight recording studios in Australia and Asia, we can turn your voice project around in the shortest time. Young or old? Serious or relaxed? Choose from our voice talent library below.

Background Music

Our license-free background music is made to comfort, not distract, callers.

Ambient music shouldn’t be the star. It should set the scene. Our ambient music library features world class, lyric-free tracks designed with this in mind. Use them in your On Hold production, radio ad, corporate video or end of term video assignment – it’s all good.

Messages On Hold
Background Music

Translation Service

We’re like the United Nations of
Voice Artists

Our translation service helps you break down borders and build rapport anywhere in the world. With a massive library of expert international voice artists, we can translate your script into any language or dialect. To find out more about our translation service, open an online chat with us!

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